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    Y por eso Yisus murió…


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  5. acidoseco:

    Protesting the Prohibition, 1920s

    Uno de los errores mas grandes de la historia, el vicio ha hablado

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  6. derwiduhudar:

    One poster, “Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler”, wrote:

    “Even with the weight of saving the world from Bolshevism and Jewry the Fuhrer found time to visit with brave soldiers of the Wehrmacht.
    Another selfless act by the Fuhrer. From the beginning the Fuhrer put not only the German people first but the well being of the entire Aryan Race.
    The Fuhrer will never die, he lives in us and in our children and our children’s children.
    Es lebe die nationalsocialistiche bewegung.
    Es lebe Adolf Hitler.
    Sieg Heil.”


  7. derwiduhudar:

    A portion of a cover of Dennis Weatley’s “The Devil Rides out” paperback.



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    367 - Image of the Day: Boleslas Biegas - Loisir du Vampire.

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    Y ¿qué hemos aprendido hoy acerca de cruzar las calles sin mirar?

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    Fish. Me. Fish.

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